How to properly repair a one-room apartment?
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Apartment renovation
Is everyone's favorite topic for discussion
Living in a cozy, beautiful, comfortable apartment is the dream of any person who is interested in his improvement. It's not so easy to come to a conclusion and start repairing. Strange as it may seem, but everyone thinks that this is a very difficult and scary occupation. Everyone does not like him, but they say that it takes a lot of money and time, even if the money is for work and materials. But if you do it right from start to finish, then you will make sure that the repair is not fatal, and can be dealt with.
What should be done in order to properly start the repair?
Of course, a plan, a project, a drawing is everything that comes to your mind, but drawn up with the help of specialists in this matter.
1 room
1 room
1 room
I advise you best to start the renovation step by step. And paint all this in the project. Start in order, everything that you came up with will turn out to be with the help of a plan you just the actions to be performed, and then it will turn into a very well done job. The ideal of your home, the apartment of your dreams.
To start repairs, you need to think about the wiring in the house, electricians in general. Should it be replaced or not. Replacing the wiring will make the apartment much safer than it used to be, which will allow you to use household appliances safely. Better to choose ABB sockets and switches for new wiring. In order to make it more convenient, you will need to level the floor of the apartment. When calculating the timing of the repair, you need to take into account that the drying of the floor (screed) will take 2 or 3 weeks, so it is better to take into account all the little things and think them over so that there are no disagreements and discontent later.
If you want to make the perfect apartment, and this is what many want. It is necessary to replace everything old in the apartment with a new one. Repair old walls, remove old plaster, make even corners, and re-coat the walls.

Moving on to the ceiling, depending on how you want to install your ceiling. It is necessary to carefully calculate the wiring, carry it out correctly, correctly and attach the lighting fixtures. Partitions, you need to think and see if you will attach cabinets, or something else to them. To do this, you need to additionally strengthen the partitions so that they can withstand the load.

Of course, the repair brings a lot of inconvenience on its part, but the final effect is worth it to suffer for a while. Wait until the end of the repair. You can reduce them to a small minimum, in the sense that the working class will always come to your aid, which has been doing this business all its life. They will take on all the work and will not force you to torture yourself and spoil your nerves.

Work in order, what you put together in the project. And in the near future it will be clear to you that repairs are easy and simple.
Repair of a one-room apartment
At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing to talk about at all: in a small room it is even easier to make repairs, because much less building materials and time consumption are required. However, this topic is still worth talking about. The difficulty in renovating a one-room apartment lies in the optimal division and use of the available space.

Make up a clear plan for future repairs in advance, try to foresee all possible little things. The main goal that should be in front of you at the same time is to create a functional living space that is not cluttered with foreign objects.
You should also decide in advance what type of repair you need: major or just cosmetic. The latter will be less costly, since it does not involve a lot of work on replacing plumbing, flooring, insulation or replacement of windows, doors, and so on.
If you decide to completely renovate the furnishings of your apartment, then it is better to start with renovating the bathroom, then move on to the kitchen and, lastly, finish the room and hallway.

In the bathroom, first of all, it is necessary to replace the sewer and water pipes (choose plastic or metal-plastic); it is most practical to lay the floor and walls with tiles. By the way, the walls should first be putty.

In the kitchen, in addition to water pipes and radiators, you will have to replace electrical wiring and plumbing. Freshen up the cosmetic repairs: restore the ceiling and walls to the proper condition (level them and cover them with putty, as with finishing the bathroom). Replace the floor covering if necessary. Glue wallpaper on the walls or lay them out with ceramic tiles.

Alternatively, you can simply paint them in the desired color. Most importantly, do not forget to check the quality of ventilation in the kitchen.
Particular attention should be paid to planning a living room, which will have to simultaneously perform several functions: be a bedroom, a living room, a children's room (if necessary) and even a study. The order of repair work will remain the same: work on the appearance of the walls, floor and ceiling.
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